For Spouses


Following your partner to Finland and finding yourself in a new environment is exciting and will present you with new professional and educational opportunities. But like many others, you may find that settling in also comes with challenges like missing a social network, struggling to find the right career opportunities for yourself, and even having difficulties with daily routines.

We help you to overcome these challenges and support your professional and social integration.


Join our Spouse Community to:

  • Develop your career
  • Grow your professional network
  • Meet new friends
  • Get to know the Finnish culture
  • Learn from like-minded peers
  • Contribute with your experience 

Our program offers you job-related workshops, cultural meetups, professional guidance, social support, networking events, and fun gatherings to help you adjust to life in your new home.

The Spouse Program is flexible and designed to fit your individual needs, motivation and timetable. Be a part of our community in the way that best suits you.


General Track:

Are you looking for valuable sessions you can join whenever you have time and interest?

The goal of this track is to help you develop professionally, widen your network and bring Finnish culture closer to you by offering:

  • Workshops
  • Meetups
  • Networking events


Career Track:

Are you eager to find a job, develop your career and dedicate your time to this goal?

The objective of this track is to focus on your professional needs and challenges, to develop your skills and help you find a job through

  • Individual support
  • Work-related counselling
  • Peer Mentoring



Sign up for the Spouse Program to gain full access to the services provided by the General Track and the opportunity to apply for the Career Track.


You can sign up on the webpage or contact for more information:



Jochen Faugel, Project Planner

+358 40 184 8493