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For Spouses

On the journey to make Helsinki your new home, we help you to settle in socially and professionally



Relocating to a new country is exciting and comes with different opportunities. However, settling in a country also comes with some challenges. We want to accompany you on your journey to make Helsinki your new home. We provide you with a supportive and active community and offer you valuable guidance. We give you space to be yourself and the opportunity to contribute to our program.




Our program aims to support international spouses and partners who have lived in Helsinki, Espoo or Vantaa for less than 2 years. While our content is tailored for individuals who have been here for less than 2 years, we also welcome those who have been in Finland for longer and feel they would benefit from being a part of the program.




  • You want to make new friends
  • You are looking for a supportive community
  • You want guidance on how to enter the local job market
  • You want to expand your professional network
  • You are looking for a space to share your skills and experience
  • You want to learn more about living in Finland




We invite all our participants to stay with us for one year. During this year we will offer you an active community, an engaging program and valuable support. After one year we would be very happy to keep you on board as a Spouse Program Ambassador.






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Become part of our fun, lively and supportive community of international newcomers! If you want to meet new people, ask for any advice, share your thoughts and offer expertise, this is the place to be. We use Slack as our community platform where you can connect both socially and professionally with other people in our program. We also organize meetups like game afternoons and other social gatherings and encourage our participants to be proactive themselves.


Workshops & Events

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On-Boarding Events

For our new participants we offer workshops and group activities to support your initial integration process. These on-boarding events will repeat every 3-4 months.

  • Welcome Event
  • Information about Settling in and Employment Services
  • Workshop on CV, Cover-Letter and LinkedIn
  • Workshop on the Finnish Job Market & How to Network
  • Workshop on the Finnish Culture, Working Culture & Intercultural Communication
  • Sightseeing Tour and other fun activities
  • Workshop on Well-Being & Confidence


After the On-Boarding

We continue to provide you on a monthly basis with valuable workshops, networking events and meetups to strengthen your social integration and professional development. These events will also be influenced by your wants and needs.


Professional Network

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Building a professional network in your new home can be difficult and takes time. For this reason, we give you the opportunity to connect with representatives of our partnering companies and a chance to showcase your skills.

  • Spouse Program LinkedIn Group
  • Networking Events
  • Pitching Opportunities


Career Coaching

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We are aware of the challenges you may face when building your career in a new country. For this reason we offer next to professional workshops and networking events also our Career Coaching service. This service provides you with individual support by a professional career coach.

  • Evaluation of your professional and educational background
  • Identifying your career related goals
  • Assessments of your competences, skills and motivation
  • Tailored career guidance and development tips
  • Job application and interview coaching
  • Support for job seeking and networking in Finland

We kindly ask you to note that for the time being we are offering this particular Career Coaching service only to people living in Helsinki.

Here you can find more information about our Career Coaching service.



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Would you like to play an active role in our program, support your peers and help us to provide more value to all our participants? We give you the space to express your thoughts, use your skills and expertise and contribute in the way you see best fit.

  • We always listen to your feedback and try to implement new ideas
  • Let us know which workshop topics are most relevant for you
  • Host your own workshops
  • Become a mentor and support other participants
  • We are happy to discuss any other ideas you might have to contribute to our program.


Become a Spouse Program Ambassador

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After one year we would be happy if you stay on board as a Spouse Program Ambassador. You can play a vital part in our community and support newcomers in our program with your knowledge and expertise.



Sign up to our Spouse Program directly over our webpage and if you have any questions reach out to

Silvia Ruz-Anjala   |  silvia.ruz-anjala(at)   |   +358 40 184 8543