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Career Coaching

We are here to help you grow professionally!


We are aware of the challenges you may face when building your career in a new country. Our Career Coaching service offers you the individual support and guidance to help you find the career path you desire. It is free of charge and aimed at those Spouse Program participants who are living in Helsinki and are looking for a job or are interested in their career development.




The Career Coaching includes an average of 4 hours of individual guidance with a professional career coach. The coaching sessions are held in English. The sessions are flexible and can be adjusted to your schedule. The application for the next Career Coaching round will start in January / February 2023. The Career Coaching is provided by The Shortcut.


The service will consist of

  • helping you clarify your career-related goal
  • identifying your career-related strengths, competencies, and skills
  • individually tailored and personalized career coaching
  • support preparing job applications and relevant materials
  • interview skills and strategies
  • support for finding potential employers and building your professional network in Finland
  • entrepreneurial support




The applicants should

  • be a participant in the Spouse Program
  • live in Helsinki
  • be motivated to search for a job, open a business or focus on career development
  • have a sufficient level of English




If you want to sign up to the Career Coaching and meet the criteria of acceptance, please do the following: Sign up to the Spouse Program and log in with the password you will receive. Go to the menu “Career”, choose “Career Coaching”  and apply then for the coaching service.

If you have any difficulties signing up for the Spouse Program or applying for the Career Coaching, you can reach out directly to us. The contact information you find further down the page.




For additional and more intensive support for your job seeking, we recommend that you reach out to the TE Office:

If you want to become a TE Office customer and have questions about the registration, you can send an e-mail to:

If you are already a registered jobseeker at the TE Office and/or City of Helsinki Employment Services, participating in the Career Coaching by Spouse Program will not affect your employment services or status. It is possible to participate at the same time both in the Career Coaching and in the services you are entitled to as a registered jobseeker. Nonetheless, we advise you to inform your advisor about your participation in the Spouse Program’s Career Coaching.




You can now apply for our Career Coaching. Please sign up first to the Spouse Program, log in to our webpage and go then to the Career Coaching Service where you can apply.


If you have any doubts or questions please reach out directly to

Silvia Ruz-Anjala   |