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We help you retain your international employees and give you access to a pool of highly skilled talent



International employees are of great value and it requires a lot of resources to attract and relocate them. Our goal is to help you hold on to your international employees who are more likely to leave if their partners face challenges when trying to settle in. We do so by supporting their partners in their integration process.

You can find more information about our program here



Become an official partner of our Spouse Program

  • Promote the program to your international employees and their partners
  • Provide integrational support beyond relocation
  • Make your workplace more attractive for international talent
  • Connect with the highly skilled participants of our program
  • Contribute to making Helsinki and the Capital Region more inclusive


Take on a partnership role that is most suitable for you. Our partnership packages are tailored and free of charge and allow you to participate however you see best fit.

An overview to the different Partnership Options you find here



We aim to make Helsinki and the Capital Region a more welcoming and equitable place for internationals. We do so in close collaboration with the cities of Espoo and Vantaa, and a network of 40 partnering organizations, including companies, public players and NGOs.

An overview of our partners you can find here

Your organization can play a crucial role in this process and we are very happy to work together with you to provide more value to our talented participants.



Reach out at any time if you would like more information

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