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  1. Spouse Program On-Boarding Session
  2. LinkedIn Workshop. Why, for What Purpose & How
  3. How To Deliver A Powerful Presentation



1.Program On-Boarding Session, 9th of September 2021. (1h 15min)

Image of a smiling family standing on a street in Helsinki. The man is carrying a little blond girl on his shoulder and next to the family stands another man with a coffee in his hand

This session is for those who have joined the program lately. We are introducing the services of our program, tell you how to make most use of them and how to communicate efficiently and successfully with the team and the other program participants.


2. LinkedIn Workshop – Why, for What Purpose and How (1h 49min)

This session is about LinkedIn. Why it is such an important tool for networking and finding a job and how to use it in an efficient and successful way. We will discuss the different tools LinkedIn offers and how to use them to your advantage.


3.How To Deliver A Powerful Presentation (1h 20min)

Image of a women standing in front of a crowd with a microphone

In this workshop we discuss how each one of us can build a powerful presentation that is well structured, memorable and entertaining. The purpose here is to focus on the most essential parts all of us can do and implement, no matter how experienced, or not, we are in presenting.

IMPORTANT: The “Structure Part” of a good presentation you find at the end of the video.