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Workshop Video Library


Never miss a workshop again. In Our Workshop Library you can find the recordings of our previous workshops.



  1. Spouse Program On-Boarding Session
  2. LinkedIn Workshop. Why, for What Purpose & How
  3. How To Deliver A Powerful Presentation
  4. Intercultural Competences – Finnish Culture
  5. Info Session on Employment Services
  6. How to Access the Hidden Job Market
  7. LinkedIn for Networking & Content Creation
  8. How to find a Job or Internship
  9. Discover your Strengths to transform your Career Growth
  10. Transferable Skills – From One Job To Another



1.Program On-Boarding Session (1h 48min)

Image of a smiling family standing on a street in Helsinki. The man is carrying a little blond girl on his shoulder and next to the family stands another man with a coffee in his hand

This session is for those who have joined the program lately. We are introducing the services of our program, tell you how to make most use of them and how to communicate efficiently and successfully with the team and the other program participants.


2. LinkedIn Workshop – Why, for What Purpose and How (1h 49min)

This session is about LinkedIn. Why it is such an important tool for networking and finding a job and how to use it in an efficient and successful way. We will discuss the different tools LinkedIn offers and how to use them to your advantage.


3.How To Deliver A Powerful Presentation (1h 20min)

Image of a women standing in front of a crowd with a microphone

In this workshop we discuss how each one of us can build a powerful presentation that is well structured, memorable and entertaining. The purpose here is to focus on the most essential parts all of us can do and implement, no matter how experienced, or not, we are in presenting.

IMPORTANT: The “Structure Part” of a good presentation you find at the end of the video.


4.Intercultural Competences – Finnish Culture (1h 44min)

Image of two pantominoes talking to each other

In this workshop we look at the Finnish Culture and at the importance of having intercultural competences in order to integrate and to better get along with people in a social and professional environment.


5.Info Session on Employment Services (1h 28min)

Image of two hands shaking hands

In this session we have representatives from the City of Helsinki and the TE-Office talking to us about available services for people who are looking for a job while sharing many valuable tools and helpful links. In addition we get an overview of what companies are looking for and which jobs are in high demand.


6.How to Access the Hidden Job Market

Image of a man in a desert looking through binoculars

In this workshop we discuss the hidden job market, what this actually means and what we can do to find and get these jobs. We get to know a unique approach with a clear strategy on how to identify and apply for “hidden” jobs and receive many valuable tips, links and tools!


7.LinkedIn for Networking & Content Creation (1h 25min)

Image of the Word LinkedIn

This workshop is a follow-up to the first LinkedIn workshop you find above. In this workshop we will focus on how to use LinkedIn specifically for Networking and Content creation. Being able to connect with people is very important and knowing how to create content is vital if we want to gain visibility.


8.How to find a Job or Internship (1h 41min)

Image of a man in a desert looking through binoculars

In this session 5 of our Spouse Program participants who have found a job or internship, are sharing their thoughts, best practices and experiences with us on how to be successful when trying to find a job or internship. This session has many good questions and valuable tips and advice!


9.Discover your Strengths to transform your Career Growth (1h 16min)

In this workshop we will focus on how to improve our life quality and satisfaction related to career and professional development. We will discuss how to discover our unique strengths and how to verbalize and practice them to impact our career growth.


10.Transferable Skills – From One Job To Another

This workshop focuses on how you can identify your own skills and apply them to different job opportunities. We will learn which skills are transferable and what it takes to present them in the right way to a potential employer. This is a great session with much input from participant side.