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In the Spouse Program, international spouses in the Helsinki capital region can meet others in similiar life situations, connect together and share experiences about their new homes.

All spouses in the Helsinki capital region are welcome to join the community!

Join the Spouse Program

The Spouse Program is made up of a welcoming and supportive peer community of international spouses.

We welcome you to join our community and start meeting others in our Coffee Rooms!


Meet new people after relocating


When you first move to a new place with a different language and culture, it can be challenging to meet people and find friends. This is very normal, and common for many newcomers during the settling-in process.

People who move to Finland for dedicated pursuits, such as work or studies, often meet people there. Spouses who move to Finland alongside their partners often don’t have such support structures ready for them, making it harder to meet others.

That’s where the Spouse Program comes in!

New home, new networks

When you first move to Finland as a spouse, you might not have a ready network waiting for you.

The Spouse Program is here for you to start connecting with other international spouses!

A community of international spouses


The Spouse Program is made up of a welcoming peer community of international spouses who are in similiar life situations.

Spouse Program members have diverse backgrounds from across the world, but are united by the common experience of moving to Finland alongside their partners. This unique shared experience already helps members understand and connect with one another.

We encourage international spouses to join the Spouse Program! Once you sign up, you can attend our activities, meet other spouses, and start building your own independent social networks.


Who can join the Spouse Program community?


The Spouse Program community is open to all international spouses across the Helsinki capital region.

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Spouse Program Coffee Rooms


Every month, Spouse Program members come together as a community in our Coffee Rooms – and you’re welcome to join!

Coffee Rooms are where Spouse Program members can meet and mingle, share experiences, and discover upcoming activities over a cup of coffee or tea. They are a great way to connect with the community and are held once a month, alternating between mornings and evenings so everybody gets a chance to join.

Whether you’ve recently joined the program or are a long-time member, everyone is welcome to attend. New members of the Spouse Program are especially encouraged to join!

Join our next Coffee Room

Would you like to meet other people in the community? New faces are always welcome!

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