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How we help companies

The Spouse Program has a strong foundation of working with companies and industry organisations.

We provide value and support to our company partners, who include key players in the Helsinki capital region.

Our work with companies

The Spouse Program works with companies across the Helsinki capital region.

We provide our company partners with talent retention support and access to local hidden talent.


Get support for your talent retention


Companies in the Helsinki capital region often invest in recruiting highly skilled talent from abroad, but may face challenges with talent retention.

When international employees relocate to Finland, their spouses often struggle to settle in, facing difficulty finding friends and work. Eventually, the whole family may decide to relocate away from Finland, and the company’s investment is lost.


“For Supercell employees relocating to Finland, it’s essential that their spouse finds their own sense of purpose for being here. ”


The Spouse Program wants to make sure your international employees and their families are happy and stay in the Helsinki capital region.

By providing international spouses with a welcoming community and career support, we help them settle in successfully. The Spouse Program is here to support your talent retention!

Happy spouse, happy house

Many Finnish companies lose key employees because their spouses may be unhappy.

By helping spouses settle in successfully, the Spouse Program helps with talent retention.

Discover the hidden talent inside Finland


By joining the Spouse Program as a company partner, you can avoid talent recruitment campaigns abroad and tap into the hidden talent that already exists in the Helsinki capital region.

When key international specialists relocate to Finland, their spouses tend to also be highly skilled specialists in their own right. However, because of cultural barriers, their talents are often overlooked in the local job market.


The Spouse Program has a talent pool of extremely qualified individuals that:

Spouses are hidden talents

The Spouse Program has a talent pool of experienced professionals based in the Helsinki capital region.

They are ready to adapt their careers to local needs, having been prepared for Finnish working culture with our career support services.


Partner with the Spouse Program and enjoy our benefits


The Spouse Program provides its company partners with specialised services, such as dedicated visits to company offices and collaborative events across our partner network.


Partner with the Spouse Program to:


Company partners can collaborate with the Spouse Program to the specific extent they desire.


“The City of Helsinki Spouse Program provides much needed support to accompanying family members and also creates a sense of belonging well before people even arrive.”

See our partner network

Boost your talent retention and discover hidden talent by partnering with the Spouse Program.

Join other key companies in the Helsinki capital region focusing on spouse support.

As a service by the City of Helsinki, the Spouse Program offers these services for free for companies in the Helsinki capital region.

All that is needed is a dedicated contact on your end to facilitate our collaboration.

Get in touch

If you are interested in becoming a company partner of the Spouse Program, contact our business coordinator Laura Hakola.


Laura Hakola, Business Coordinator
Migration Affairs Unit, City of Helsinki