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Volunteering Opportunities

Find a List of different Volunteering Options



Volunteering is a wonderful way to contribute to the society, to support other people and to live a meaningful life. It gives an opportunity to meet new friends, widen your social and professional network and it can be a stepping stone to a job.

Below you can find a list of different organizations which offer a variety Volunteering options.



This is a small overview of different organizations in Finland, offering volunteering opportunities. Please tell us, if you know other organizations you would like us to add to this list.



If adoption is close to your heart this organization offers different ways of volunteering for example in the field of communication, peer support and opportunities to create own events or activities.


City of Helsinki

The city of Helsinki is offering different volunteering opportunities which range from support for elderly people and disabled people, youth services, environmental activities and more.


Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland

Churches in Finland are very active in social work and they do not require you to be a member of the church to volunteer. There are different ways how you can contribute, like assisting people in daily routines, supporting children in need or helping to organize trips or events.



As a volunteer at Familia you can support intercultural families, couples and young people, contributing to the advancement of their equality. You can make use of your skills and help others for example in peer groups, clubs or workshops.



FloweRescue addresses the issue of sustainability in the floral industry by bringing joy and human connection through flowers. Among others you can volunteer during community evenings, take part in group activities or delivering flowers.


Green Living Movement

GLM supports the environmental and social development of rural communities by improving environmental sustainability. GLM is always looking for new volunteers to assist in their work in the office and the local communities through project planning, monitoring, communication and more.



Hivpoint offers information and support, well-being and prevention for those most affected by HIV. Volunteers can for example support in creating events, conducting trainings, creating social media content or online counseling.



The Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities offers different way of volunteering for example in the areas of organized activities, rehabilitation, housing services and vocational training.


Loisto Setlementti

Loisto Setlementti focuses on social youth work with cultural and gender sensitive approach, supporting children and youth who are in need of special support to increase their well-being and prevent mental health problems. Volunteering can be done within community, group activities, individual support and workshops.


Mannerheim League for Child Welfere

MLL is the largest child welfare organization in Finland. If you wish to volunteer it would be best to contact them directly since there is no English volunteering information available.



Nicehearts offers different volunteering opportunities within their community-based activities for girls and women of different ages and backgrounds. The goal is to enable them to find their own place in society.


Save the Children

Save the Children focuses on the well-being and the rights of children in holiday homes and foster families. As a volunteer you can for example help foster families, become a support person or a sports sponsor.


Red Cross

The Finnish Red Cross offers many different options for volunteering, with a very wide range of audiences and activities.



The scouts offer many opportunities to meet new people and volunteering through a variety of different activities.