About Us

The Spouse Program is an initiative run by the city of Helsinki in close collaboration with the cities of Espoo and Vantaa and the support of the Uusimaa TE Office. The program is a joint pilot project of two different financiers: the Council of Tampere Region and the European Social Fund. The International Talents Accelerating Growth contributes as such to the overall objective of attracting, integrating and retaining international talent within the Finnish capital region. This project has the Council of Tampere Region as the primary financier, along with the project partners Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council, Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland (TEK). Creating Careers for International Spouses project focuses on local employment of international spouses and is funded by the European Social Fund.


The Spouse Program is part of the implementation of the Talent Boost Programme of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (TEM) and the Ministry of Education and Culture (OKM).



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