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jochen.faugel Monday, March 22nd at 8:30 am
Please let me know if I should have forgotten something.
Aziza Ibrayeva Monday, March 22nd at 8:31 am
Thanks a lot:raised_hands::+1:
Alice Hardman Monday, March 22nd at 8:32 am
Sports, exercise, and fitness please
jochen.faugel Monday, March 22nd at 8:39 am
has been added as well! :muscle:
Christine S S Monday, March 22nd at 9:45 am
What about for bio-medical field?
Vennela Monday, March 22nd at 10:08 am
Thanks Jochen :clap:
Natalie Schiesari Monday, March 22nd at 10:10 am
Yeah, thanks for taking the time to create all these channels :sweat_smile:
madeeha gul Wednesday, March 24th at 5:43 am
Hi everyone, I wanted to know, from where I can get fresh milk in espoo?
madeeha gul Wednesday, March 24th at 5:49 am
I also want to know about local reko in the espoo, few weeks ago someone mentioned reko in the group. I don't know how to order from them.
jochen.faugel Wednesday, March 24th at 8:43 am
Hello everyone and a QUESTION to start the day :slightly_smiling_face: We have some *people in our program in their 20s who would like to connect with each other.* If you are in your 20s as well and would like to connect with other young people in our program please let me know. I would then start sharing your emails with each other.
Angelica Begazo Wednesday, March 24th at 8:44 am
Hey I'd like to join! 20 something over here :)
Sam Wednesday, March 24th at 9:37 am
Hi Slack friends! Chat ENG :headphones: Episode 8 is out now!! I talk to Tina about culture & Intercultural Communication :slightly_smiling_face: it's an interesting chat! Listen, Subscribe and Like wherever you get your podcasts. Keep well, everyone. Sam
jochen.faugel Wednesday, March 24th at 9:55 am
always an option to call our Support Line, which you find on our webpage. I'm sure they can give you additional tips and advice on local food. *Newcomer’s Advice Line* *00358 (0) 10 202 4688* Monday 9:00 – 12:00 & Thursday 14:00 – 17:00
Hubert Grealish Wednesday, March 24th at 10:11 am
Hi ! Wonder is thee 'Sustainability' or 'Recycling' or 'Zero waste' group ? We're opening helsinki's first 'Sustainability Showroom' for our designer recycling products.. ( our new site. please share!). We will be doing some workshops on upcycling and recycling jewellery as well as our beach plogging initiatives as always. We're on a mission to change throwaway culture!
Sang Đặng Wednesday, March 24th at 3:53 pm
Hi, as a `living-in-Finland +10 years` survivor, I’m more than happy to help in any volunteer task that people need. Even chat chit. :hugging_face:
jochen.faugel Thursday, March 25th at 12:24 pm
Hi great to have you on board! :slightly_smiling_face:
jochen.faugel Thursday, March 25th at 2:00 pm
*WHO IS INTERESTED IN THIS OPPORTUNITY:* The city of Vantaa is organizing an event *“How to boost your jobsearch in Finland”* and asked if I could find someone from the Spouse Program who could tell in a 20min presentation about a personal success story.   *The event is 16th of April and the presentation would be from 9:35 to 10:00.*
Sam Wednesday, March 31st at 5:40 am
Morning Slack friends! Chat ENG :headphones: Ep.9 is out now!! This episode, it's just me... and I have a #4 Minute Listening Challenge for you :smiley: Also, #grammar tip this episode is about the difference between the Past Simple & the Present Perfect Simple :grimacing: :see_no_evil: :joy: Subscribe, Listen, and Like! Any volunteers for future episodes, feel free to contact me! Have a great day! Sam
jochen.faugel Wednesday, March 31st at 11:49 am
If you are not yet familiar with the webpage, please check it out. Many helpful tips:
Alice Hardman Thursday, April 1st at 3:50 pm
I'm happy to say that today I have signed a contract and become officially employed in Finland :blush: Now for a 4 day weekend to celebrate
Sam Wednesday, April 7th at 5:15 am
Morning Slack friends! Just your gentle weekly reminder that my podcast Chat ENG has 9 episodes to listen to! :headphones: This week, there's a quick trailer to tell you about the next group of episodes, so now is a good time to discover Group 1 with all our wonderful Spouses' Programme members :hugging_face: Find it here: or on most other podcast platforms. Let me know if you find it helpful! Also, let me know if you'd like to participate! Have a great week! Sam
Chiara Loos Wednesday, April 7th at 9:23 am
Hello :sparkles: How are you doing? I hope you are all taking good care of yourself. Especially right now with the restrictions AND the grey weather in Helsinki that might be a challenge for some of us. Time for myself, movement and an authentic connection to the current situation help me most to stay sane. Maybe I can be of help for you during the next weeks: I’m a Yoga Teacher and all my classes are for now online since the studios are closed. I teach in German & English via Zoom. All classes are donation-based for the time being, your body comes first and money second. :raised_hands::skin-tone-3: You can learn more at my website: or just drop me a message :love_letter: and I also will plan something special just for the Spouse Program Participants - stay tuned! :heart_eyes:
Chiara Loos Wednesday, April 7th at 9:37 am
I will have two classes tonight: 18:00 - 19:00 in English & 20:00 - 21:00 in German. Our topic will be “Bones”. :bone::bone: :bone: Join us, if you are curious how you can connect to your bones or if you just want to have an hour for yourself.
vismit chawla Wednesday, April 7th at 10:11 am
We are excited to invite you to our very first public event, Nordic Diversify Discourse, a new series of discussions and seminars occurring every third Wednesday of the month. Our first topic is Unemployment Among Immigrant Women in Finland, inspired by the recent  report Sign up to the event here 
vismit chawla Wednesday, April 7th at 10:12 am
Interesting event,so shared here.
Niina Virtanen Wednesday, April 7th at 10:21 am
Hi everyone, just a reminder that if you're actively looking for a job, there is channel where anyone can post interesting job openings etc. I post there frequently when I come across opportunities in companies that I know are recruiting in English.
Reena Jha Thursday, April 8th at 7:17 am
Hello all.. I have made an attempt out of my comfort zone, public speaking being not my strength, still narrated one of experiences on a podcast.. sharing the link hear, my episode is out today.. my voice may not be soothing I know, but the experience could be interesting to know and may resonate with many others. There are also many more interesting stories shared by amazing ladies from different paths of their lives on this podcast, what's interesting is it's all women :blush: Do listen and share your thoughts :pray:
Reena Jha Thursday, April 8th at 7:18 am
Alistair Hatch Friday, April 9th at 2:13 pm
Hi everyone, Can anyone recommend any employment/contractor agencies that would allow for a contractor to be put on their books?
jochen.faugel Monday, April 12th at 11:32 am
Hi! One of our participants had an issue with Eventbrite after registering to the workshop on the 15th of April. The workshop got saved in her calendar at 9pm instead of 2 pm. Did someone else have the same issue or could this just be due to a wrong calendar time zone?
Sam Wednesday, April 14th at 6:05 am
Good morning, Slack friends! I hope you're all well :slightly_smiling_face: Chat ENG, ep.10 is out now! This time, I'm chatting with Fabi who is an English teacher in Italy! Available on most podcast platforms and = Subscribe :white_check_mark: Listen :headphones: Like :+1: Also, to those on LinkedIn, find me at and let's connect! Have a lovely day :hugging_face: Sam
Margaretha Madoures Thursday, April 15th at 10:35 am
Hello, I was sure that I registered for the event on "transferable skills" later today, but seem to be unable to find the link to the session. Could anyone give me the link to the session, or is the workshop going to be recorded so I can watch the recording later?
Ann Patterson Thursday, April 15th at 11:33 am
Could be of interest to some here
Sam Wednesday, April 21st at 6:45 am
Morning Slack friends! I hope you're enjoying the sunshine :sunny::sunglasses: Chat ENG :headphones: Ep.11 is out now! This time, I'm chatting with Lars who is an English coach and Porsche enthusiast! Find it here: As always, if you'd like to take part in future episodes, drop me a line! Have a good day! Sam
Niina Virtanen Wednesday, April 21st at 7:46 am
Do you have questions about children's daycare in Helsinki? I spotted this informative page from which you can also download '*Guide to early childhood education and care'* in 9 languages:
Ester Faheem Wednesday, April 21st at 1:42 pm
Hi, is it possible to register as a job seeker with TE office if I didn’t receive my residence permit yet? I have received my national ID number and I receive public health care normally but I have been waiting for the ID card for 5 months now
Maija Melo Wednesday, April 21st at 2:25 pm
Hi Ester! The TE Office requires that you are a EU/Nordic Citizen OR have a valid residence permit with no restrictions concerning the employer. That's the info I have :slightly_smiling_face:
Maija Melo Tuesday, April 27th at 8:47 am
Hi everyone! There's an interesting lecture on the 10th of May about "Networking and Building a Professional Profile on LinkedIn". It's organized by Metropolia Simhe services and it's open to all. The deadline for enrolments is on the 6th of May.
vismit chawla Tuesday, April 27th at 8:50 am
:blush:Thank you for sharing about this event . When I moved to Finland last year,I attended different sessions related to CV,Hidden jobs,Finnish market etc organized by Metropolia and did get the initial and important understanding of the labor market. I would definitely recommend everyone to join such sessions.
Anca Tuesday, April 27th at 8:50 am
Thank you:pray:
Smruti Smita Lenka Tuesday, April 27th at 8:52 am
Thank you for sharing:blush:
Sophie Michaud Tuesday, April 27th at 9:44 am
Hey everyone :wave: I’m the one giving the session on the 10th with Simhe. And for the ones who attended Mari and I’s session on the growth hacking program recently where I discussed my approach to LinkedIn, there’s a lot of overlap in this session. So just keep that in mind :wink:
Sam Wednesday, April 28th at 6:51 am
Hello Slack friends! I hope you're all well. The sun seems to be back! Episode 12 of Chat ENG :headphones: is out now, and this time I'm chatting to Jane - an English teacher in France :slightly_smiling_face: Have a great week! Sam
jochen.faugel Wednesday, April 28th at 8:41 am
Hello *We are now taking new pictures for our Spouse Program* and have a professional photographer who is taking care of this. It *would be wonderful if some of you would like to participate in the photo shooting* :sunglasses: We will use the pictures for marketing purposes and for our Spouse Program webpage. Might be that the city of Helsinki will also use some of the pictures to promote other international initiatives.    *If you would like to participate as models for the photographes please reach out to: Sakari Röyskö*:
Ramya Menon Ramesh Thursday, April 29th at 7:03 am
Any idea if quaterine rules apply for business travel?
jochen.faugel Thursday, April 29th at 7:10 am
Hi Ramya, as far as I know yes. Don't think that Finland makes a difference whether you traveled for business reason or as a private person when it comes to Quarantine regulations. But good to check also with someone else. Rules seem to change pretty fast regarding Corona.
Ramya Menon Ramesh Thursday, April 29th at 10:53 am
Thank you Jochen and Maija
jochen.faugel Thursday, April 29th at 3:37 pm
I'll be on holiday tomorrow and Monday so wishing you all already today Hauskaa Vappua!! :tada::slightly_smiling_face:
vismit chawla Thursday, April 29th at 4:34 pm
Hauskaa Vappua to you too Jochen!
vismit chawla Friday, April 30th at 3:37 am
Hauskaa Vaapua everyone!
Ester Faheem Monday, May 3rd at 12:28 pm
Is it true that we are not allowed to work unless we receive the resident permit first even if we have an ID number, is that correct?
jochen.faugel Tuesday, May 4th at 11:45 am
Hello ! :slightly_smiling_face: A few valuable things I would like to share: *Metropolia* has some great courses coming up: If you live in Vantaa, you can find attached info to *two workshops coming up on Jobsearch and Networking,* offered by the city of Vantaa If you are *interested in the Digital Field* you find attached info to a good upcoming event organized by the TE Office.
Kim LaBine Tuesday, May 4th at 2:01 pm
Hello ! I have bad news :confounded: We have to move back to Canada. And we have to go quickly. In letting Jochen know of my status change, he has given me the go-ahead to post here: *We need to sell all our appliances and furniture.* We will be marking everything at least 60% off what you would pay in the store. Discounts available for people purchasing 3 or more items. I will be starting to list items on Facebook on Thursday but I thought members of the Spouse Program might appreciate the huge discounts on excellent items. Nothing broken, nothing stained. No spills. My FB Page is called "Utinni Secondhand Goods" (Star Wars reference for all the nerds) and I will eventually post in FB Marketplace. There are some things I can't post yet because we need them (microwave, toaster, TV) Are you looking for anything? I might have it! I have lots more to photograph including a nearly new sectional sofa with storage (at a big discount), a gorgeous dining room table with six chairs (big discount), a rocking chair, a red outdoor/indoor bench, two LED HD 4K tvs, two computer monitors, lamps & more appliances. We are in Espoo, on the Bus 157, 124 & 124K line, both connect to Metro. Pick up only. No delivery available.
vismit chawla Tuesday, May 4th at 2:13 pm
jochen.faugel Wednesday, May 5th at 7:00 am
If some of you have Swahili as a mother tongue and would like to know how to find Children's Literature Collection in Helmet - you can join this workshop:
Sam Wednesday, May 5th at 7:33 am
Hello Slack friends! Just your weekly reminder that a new episode of Chat ENG is out now! Episode 13 is a collaborative chat with my friend Cynthia, and you can see the other half on YouTube :joy: Subscribe and Like for me :slightly_smiling_face: Keep well and warm! Sam
jochen.faugel Sunday, May 9th at 12:17 pm
Happy Mother's Day! :tulip::slightly_smiling_face:
Maija Melo Monday, May 10th at 1:40 pm
Hi! This is an interesting site for those of you who are tech experts :slightly_smiling_face:
Elena Bazhenova Tuesday, May 11th at 11:27 am
Hi everyone! :slightly_smiling_face: My name is Elena and I am new here. I've been living in Finland for almost 8 years and in Espoo for 3 month. I came to Finland to get Master's degree in chemistry and I got it in 2015. Then I was a PhD fellow... But I always wanted to work for people and with people, preferably in people operations area. I did not have proven skills in administrative and organisational tasks, so in 2018 I quit my research career and started small event planning agency. I had an idea to pick up knowledge and skills by doing and attending on-line courses, but it seems to be not enough to land any entry-level positions. I am tired of working with TE-toimisto because they do not provide useful information, so I seek another opportunities. I would be glad if you can share ideas where to start... :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you!
vismit chawla Wednesday, May 12th at 6:23 am
Hi ,welcome to this amazing group.:blush: happy to connect with you and discuss the possibilities of opportunities and know you more. Let me know if you interested to talk with me.
Raquel Otsuka Wednesday, May 12th at 6:37 am
Hi my name is Raquel, from Brasil, I arrived here with my husband, He works at Rovio. I would like to learn about Finland, language, culture and some things to work here. Ahm... I need to train my english. Sorry if i write something wrong.
Carol M Wednesday, May 12th at 5:57 pm
Hello everyone! I'm Carol and I moved to Helsinki from Malaysia in Jan 2020, when my husband (a Finn) took up a new job opportunity here. I landed just before the lockdowns began, so it has been quite difficult making friends and expanding my professional network due to lack of opportunities. Job hunting has been tough, especially in my area of focus - HR/People Development, as most jobs advertised require working proficiency in Finnish. I have been taking Finnish courses, but it will take me awhile to get to that level. I've only recently started working with the TE Office, so I have yet to get any tangible help from them. I found this group by chance today, and hope that there might be some opportunities to connect with HR professionals here, as well as make new friends. Is there a separate channel for HR-related discussions? I would also love to meet up and get to know people over a coffee, now that cafes and restaurants have opened up again.:slightly_smiling_face:
Sam Thursday, May 13th at 6:24 am
Morning Slack friends! How nice is this weather?! :sunny::sunglasses: I'm one day late with my weekly reminder... Chat ENG :headphones: Ep.14 is out now. This episode, I'm chatting with Paddy, an EFL teacher from Bristol, so there's a little bit of 'Bristolian' for you to learn :joy: or all good podcast platforms! Subscribe :white_check_mark: Listen :headphones: Like :+1::slightly_smiling_face: Anyone interested in participating in future episodes, please get in touch (I'm a bit slow on this channel but I do respond!!). Enjoy your Bank Holiday!! Sam
Kim LaBine Sunday, May 16th at 10:57 am
Hi Spouse Network! What wonderful weather we're having today! Can you help me find a new home for this sofa? If you don't need it, maybe there is someone within your social circle who does? • I steam cleaned it on May 7 so it's ready for a new home. • There are very minor cat pulls on the ends that could be cleaned up with a clothes shaver. • Our cats are hairless which means there is no dander or fur on the sofa. • There are no spills and there is no damage to the inside storage box. • It is a Lidhult from Ikea and we paid €999 less than 18 months ago. • It's a soft bluish gray color and very comfortable. • Pick up in Espoo, near Finno Skola. *Can you save and share this picture with your network?* In case you missed my previous post, we're a Canadian family who needs to move back to Canada at the end of this month. We have a house full of furniture, electronics and appliances that we're trying to sell as quickly as possible. I'm going to be offering our dishes, spices and pantry items for free closer to departure. We would appreciate any help you can give to reduce the stress of this move.
Elena Bazhenova Monday, May 17th at 9:51 am
He there! Me and are going to meet this Friday, 21.05.21 at 14:00 in Cafe Roasberg to meet face to face and chat a bit :relaxed: We will be happy if 4 (remember the regulations...) other members can join us! Please, write me DM if you are interested :relaxed:
Ildiko Szabo Tuesday, May 18th at 2:47 pm
Hi everyone, hope everyone is having a fantastic week. :slightly_smiling_face: Is there anyone here who moved to Finland from the UK? Would you be able to recommend any good and reliable household's moving company? Please message me here or pm me. Many thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing from you. :slightly_smiling_face: Ildiko
Sam Wednesday, May 19th at 6:09 am
Good morning, Slack friends! I hope you're all inside and dry! Chat ENG :headphones: Ep.15 is out now! This time, I'm chatting with Ulla Pegg, Executive Director at FinnBrit :slightly_smiling_face:. I also have some fun showing you how the word 'quite' can mean different things depending on how you say it... :thinking_face::exploding_head::joy: or all podcast platforms. I've also just started a Chat ENG YouTube channel, where I'll post lots of clips! Hope your day isn't too soggy! Sam
Mathieu G. Tuesday, May 25th at 10:02 am
Hey all. Just wanted to share that I'm starting a new job this week at down in . I know looking for a job here is not always easy (except maybe for coders :wink: but it is still possible.
Vladimir Vuksanovic Wednesday, May 26th at 5:46 am
:wave: Hi everyone!
Ivana Wednesday, May 26th at 5:47 am
Hi, Vladimir! Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:
Sam Wednesday, May 26th at 5:53 am
Good morning, Slack friends! Where's the sun gone?! :confused: To bring sunshine to your day, listen to my new episode of Chat ENG! Episode 16 is with Trevor, a Canadian opera singer who lives in London! We chat about lots of lovely things, and I try to explain the use of irony and sarcasm (tricky but fun!!) Listen here :headphones: : or on most podcast platforms! Look forward to seeing you all sometime soon! :crossed_fingers: :slightly_smiling_face: Sam
Alistair Hatch Wednesday, June 2nd at 5:39 am
Good morning! I’ve been learning Finnish, but need to improve my listening skills. I’m fine with when I can read the words, but actually being able to listen to spoken Finnish and pick out the structure applied to sentences is very challenging. What tips can you suggest? Thank you in advance. Alistair
Niina Virtanen Wednesday, June 2nd at 11:08 am
Hi all, did you notice the the city of Vantaa is organizing an open webinar _*How to contact “hidden” job opportunities in Finland?*_ tomorrow 3.6. at 14:00 -> sign up here
Sam Wednesday, June 2nd at 12:08 pm
Afternoon, Slack friends! Hope you're able to enjoy the sunny weather :sunglasses: Chat ENG Ep.17 is out now!! This time, I'm chatting with Stefan Cave from The Shortcut! There's also a vocabulary challenge, if you fancy trying! Listen now: Also, if you use other podcast platforms, like Apple Podcasts or Spotify, I'd be super grateful if you could give me a nice review :grin: Hope to see you all in some way soon, Sam
jochen.faugel Thursday, June 3rd at 8:59 am
Hello everyone! :slightly_smiling_face: Here another very interesting event HEI LIFE is oganizing together with our Spouse Program about _N*etworks for international and internationally-minded people*,_ This is a great opportunity to get a good overview of different valuable networks here in the capital region. :muscle: *Date: 10th of June / Time: 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM* *Link:*
Sam Wednesday, June 9th at 6:05 am
Good morning Slack friends! Another super sunny start :sunglasses::sunny: Chat ENG :headphones: Ep.18 is out now!! This time, I'm chatting with Ling from the Shortcut! We chat a bit about marketing and jargon... among other things! Listen now: or via your favourite podcast platforms Enjoy the sunshine!! Sam
jochen.faugel Thursday, June 10th at 6:30 am
For all of you who enjoy the summer and markets - You will also find one of our program participants, there, selling her beautiful art :slightly_smiling_face: Bit of a late notice but if you have time and can make it, I hope you will find many interesting things :slightly_smiling_face:
vismit chawla Thursday, June 10th at 6:30 am
Flávia Filippin Thursday, June 10th at 9:26 am
Can anyone recommend a Finnish course that is not the integration course? it is for a friend that is already employed...
Niina Virtanen Thursday, June 10th at 12:38 pm
Aalto University organizes an open online course _Finland Works_ that concentrates on Finnish work life and how to find a job. The enrollment and completion of the course is free, but to get the official certificate and study credits you need to purchase the certificate for 90 €.
Ester Faheem Friday, June 11th at 7:33 am
Hi everyone, for people who dealt closely with the TE office, I'm curious to know if they provide job training for English speaking people? I'm trying to find Internship or training position for Data Analyst and trying to plan ahead my strategies
Elena Bazhenova Tuesday, June 15th at 7:40 am
Hi everybody! I know that many of you struggles to improve proficiency in Finnish after the end of official courses. I have just published an article where I share all the techniques I use to study Finnish language. I am not a professional teacher or linguist, so it about my experience as a learner. I would be happy if this information helps at least some of you.
Elena Bazhenova Tuesday, June 15th at 7:40 am
Sam Wednesday, June 16th at 6:48 am
Good morning, Slack friends! I hope you're all well this sunny Wednesday! Chat ENG :headphones: episode 19 is out now!! This time, I'm chatting wit about Australian English and phrasal verbs!! :grinning: Listen now: or other podcast platforms! Oh, and I also have a new logo!! If you need a logo for your business, check out Penny Rossano: See you all sometime soon! Sam
Kim LaBine Wednesday, June 16th at 4:58 pm
:mega:*Business Recommendation*:mega: When we went to the airport, we had a dog crate and more than ten pieces of luggage. As you know, the airport is under construction which means it's a fair walk to the check in counter for your airline. Even with a hired driver, we couldn't get very close to where we needed to be and the luggage carts can only hold a few bags at a time. We contacted the airport and they recommended a porter service: *BMCM Special Services* *Maisu from BMCM Special Services* made the process easy, comfortable and stress free. She has a great relationship with the booking agents and was able to confirm the exact time we needed to be at the airport for our very early flight (0415 arrival with small children is not an easy feat!). She met our vehicle with a big trolley and escorted us right to the counter. She's friendly, kind and knowledgeable. We didn't pay her that day, she sent us an invoice. Easy! You can book their services for arrivals as well.
Elena Bazhenova Thursday, June 17th at 9:23 am
Hi all! Does anybody have personal experience with working with Integrify? I am curious about their business and would like to write, possibly, an article about them. But so far I heard very controversial opinions on their services...
Niina Virtanen Tuesday, June 22nd at 9:28 am
Hi everyone, those of you who are not yet on the channel but are looking for openings, I just added a couple of new roles that I came across. Trying to update these regularly, let me know if there are certain fields you'd be most interested to hear from! :blush:
Farhana Sayeed Tuesday, June 22nd at 7:11 pm
Hey all! It was amazing meeting so many us today evening! Thoroughly enjoyed :relaxed: connected with some on Instagram too! Hoping to have more of these meet up sessions in the coming months :blush: Thanks for arranging today's get togather!!!
Elena Bazhenova Wednesday, June 23rd at 5:55 am
Completely agree with ! It was so great to meet fellow participants of the program and in person :heart: over and over I am impressed in how talented are people around me! :sunny: I am so happy to be a part of such a community :relaxed: thank you, Jochen, for arranging this event. Looking forward to August :sunny::sunny::sunny:
Lilla Murányi Wednesday, June 23rd at 6:15 am
Hi everyone! I found this article about programs during Midsummer in Helsinki : What is your plan for this weekend? Any recommendation? :smiley_cat:
Sam Wednesday, June 23rd at 6:23 am
Good morning, Slack friends! Another sunny start to the day :sunglasses::sunny: Chat ENG :headphones: Ep.20 is out now! This time, I'm chatting with Laurence - a copy editor and proof reader, so he has great advice about writing in English :slightly_smiling_face: Listen now: and other podcast platforms! See you all soon - enjoy your day! Sam
jochen.faugel Wednesday, June 23rd at 12:28 pm
and all the others who could make it to the feedback sessions yesterday, it was great to see you in person and very thankful for all the valuable input I received from you all! And we certainly will have more of these social sessions in person from Autumn onwards! :slightly_smiling_face: (If Corona situation allows... but things are moving in the right direction.
Anca Wednesday, June 23rd at 7:12 pm
Thank you, ! Thank you all for the nice discussions.
Donald Mullany Friday, June 25th at 6:26 pm
Thank you it was great to get out for awhile and meet everyone.
Sam Wednesday, June 30th at 7:44 am
Hi Slack friends! I hope you're all enjoying / coping with the heat! :sunny: :sunglasses: :hot_face: :joy: Chat ENG :headphones: Ep.21 is out now! This time, I'm chatting with about English and gaming! Check it out now: or via other podcast platforms! Have a great day! Sam
Niina Virtanen Wednesday, June 30th at 10:06 am
Have you noticed that *Jobs in Finland* website has been renewed? Only jobs that don't require Finnish language skills are posted there. At the moment there are 283 listed jobs in Helsinki and 86 in Espoo, for example.
Sam Wednesday, July 7th at 5:41 am
Hello Slack friends! I hope July has started well for you :slightly_smiling_face: Chat ENG Ep.22 is out now! This time, I'm chatting with Risto & Carolina - my first chat with a couple! (or listen via your preferred podcast platform!) I'd be interested in chatting to more couple who use English as their common language - in this case, Risto is Finnish and Carolina is Italian / Portuguese (from Brazil). If you'd like to take part, I'm interviewing after the summer break! Enjoy your day, Sam
Sam Wednesday, July 14th at 7:11 am
Hi Slack friends! Another Wednesday has come around :slightly_smiling_face: Chat ENG :headphones: Ep.23 is out now!! This is my final podcast episode for a while, and it's short + sweet! Listen now and take up the baking challenge!! + other podcast platforms! Thank you again to everyone who has participated so far - you've made my project really fun!! To those who would like to participate in future episodes = get in touch! Happy Holidays! :sunny::sunglasses: Sam

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