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Expertise is the best business card and support is the way to a long-lasting friendship!


The Spouse Program is built on the spirit of a supportive community and we enable our participants to help each other with their personal experience and expertise.


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Leanne Do


Advice on switching to the IT-field from a non-computer science background

Leanne is a female developer who can share her own experience on how to shift careers, as a women, to the IT-field. She can give you advice on how to overcome obstacles and kick-start your learning journey.

Reach out to Leanne to schedule a meeting via email:



Lucie Smidova


Advice on Digital Marketing: SEO / Web Content / Web Analytics

Lucie is a Digital Marketing expert who can give you advice on how to work with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), how to acquire quality organic traffic to e-commerce and other websites. She can help you with creating and executing web content strategies and knows how to make use of web analytics.


Reach out to Lucie to schedule a meeting via email:



Veronica Arena


Advice on CV, Networking, Job Interview & Career Advice

Veronica is a People Operations professional who is passionate about helping people with their career. She can help you with your CV, interview skills and can give you tips and advice on how to build a network after moving to a new country


Reach out to Veronica to schedule a meeting via email:



Divya Shukla


Advice on Stress Management &  Integration

Divya is a Psychologist and Counselor and is able to support you in matters related to stress. Due to her own integration experience Divya is also able to give you concrete advice on the Finnish education system, housing, the programs offered by the TE office, and on how to prepare for the YKI test.


Reach out to Divya to schedule a meeting via email:



Olha Nikolaienko


Advice on studying at a Finnish University

Olha is the student ambassador of the University of Turku. She can advise you on how to apply to a Finnish University and share her first-hand knowledge and experience as a student. She can also provide you with support with the sign-up process and the financial criteria of Finnish Universities.


Reach out to Olha to schedule a meeting via email:



Vismit Chawla


Advice On How To Find & Apply For A Job

Vismit is an International Talent Acquisition Specialist with professional and personal experience in this area. She can give you valuable advice on how to make yourself visible, how to network and what to do in order to get an interview and a job.


Reach out to Vismit and book a meeting via email:



Rebekka Horstmann


Advice on Maternity & Parenthood As A Newbie in Finland

Rebekka has a bucket full of experience and advice for young parents who are unfamiliar yet with the Finnish system. She can tell you more about the public and private support systems, has great life-hacks, and knows how to find leisure activities and new friends. As an Occupational Therapist, she is a specialist in self-management and can help support you, especially in life-transition periods.


Reach out to Rebekka and book a meeting via email:


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