Career Track


We are here to help you grow professionally!

The goal of the Career Track is to offer you individual support and the right guidance towards the career path you envision for yourself.


For many it is challenging to build their career in a new country.
Due to an unfamiliar labor market, lack of connections or a foreign educational background, job opportunities may seem out of reach to newcomers.


The Career Track is free of charge and aimed at those spouses whose priority is to find a job. An application is required, based on which the City of Helsinki will choose the participants.


As the Career Track is funded by the European Social Fund and by the cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa, we have to divide the spots as agreed by the cities. The quota for the city of Espoo got already full during the 1st and 2nd round and, therefore, we are able to offer spots only for the residents of Helsinki and Vantaa.




  • Being a member of the Spouse Program
  • Applicants have to live in Helsinki or Vantaa
  • Minimum of Upper Secondary Education (basic education+3 years of further education)
  • Searching for a job (not working full-time)
  • Sufficient English OR Finnish language skills (services are provided mainly in English and some of them, if needed, also in Finnish)
  • Planning to stay for at least 1 or more years in Finland

When selecting the participants for the Career Track we will also pay attention to your goals and motivation towards this service.

People who already participated once at the Career Track can not apply again.




The Career Track consist of the services listed below. It will take about 2-3 months for you to go through the Career Track services. Most of the services in this 3rd round will take place in August-October after the summer break. There is plenty of flexibility and the services can be adjusted to your personal timetable. The Career Track is not a full-time but a part-time service.


1. Initial Discussion

  • Going through your educational and work background
  • Identifying together your career related goals
  • Specifying the type of support needed

Duration of the initial discussion is about 30 minutes.


2. Individual Training (provided by Mazhr)

  • Personal work psychology assessments of competences, skills and motivation
  • Evaluation of your situation
  • Tailored career guidance and development tips
  • Coaching for job interviews and communications
  • Support for job seeking and networking in Finland

For the individual training you will take digital tests in advance and will have afterwards tailored meetings (3 hours in total).


3. Peer Mentoring (provided by Spring House)

  • Facilitated meetings with the focus on career related topics
  • Opportunities for participants to learn from and support each other
  • Opportunities to widen your professional network
  • Individual tasks in between the meetings

The peer mentoring includes 5 group meetings (3,5 hours each) and requires an active participation during and in between meetings.


In addition to the services above, all participants of the Career Track are also able to make use of all the other services and events provided by the Spouse Program.




For additional support for your job seeking, we recommend that you reach out to the TE Office:

If you want to become a TE Office customer and have questions about the registration, you can send an e-mail to:

If you are already a registered jobseeker at the TE Office, participating in the Career Track will not affect your employment services or status. It is possible to participate at the same time both in the Career Track and in the services you are entitled to as a registered jobseeker. Nonetheless, we advise you to inform your advisor about your participation in the Career Track.




The Career Track application is closed for the summer break. We will open the application again on the 23rd of August. We will keep you updated! Don’t hesitate to apply – we still have plenty of spots left!


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